Tourist Activities

Bird watching

The bird watching is one of the activities that can be carried out at the site. You will be impressed by sweet bird songs flying in the air and across the river appreciating the nature of their habitats. Bids that might be encountered include; herons, sand birds and the blue headed weavers

White water rafting

It is such a great momentous epoch when the fish eagles towering in the skies overhead, the great monitor lizards basking in the tropical sunshine and counts of long tailed cormorants gather fish into the shallows as you gather for a thrilling rafting experience on the mystical waters of the Nile River. The Nile River which is the longest in the world supporting counts of people including those in the dry lands of Saharan Africa roars thunderously through the impermeable rocks that have intended to block its passage for centuries past. The smooth river flow as it makes its way from the gigantic Victoria Lake is hastily altered by the rapids downstream subjecting it to intense force in a bid to forge the way through. The adventurous mankind in his normal senses is approaching the mystical river for the thrilling water rafting encounter can be considered as a remarkable activity that one can have while on a safari in Uganda.

With the good number of locals packed on their wooden canoes are always there to witness this memorable encounter. To the impression of the audience, you plunge into the maelstrom and raft the mountain like waves downstream. The rafts explode through huge walls of white water and then drift through green pools that are warm about 27 degrees Celsius in the tropical sun. This great encounter is known to only those who attempt to undertake on the waters of the Nile River.

Considering the Speke’s statement on 28th July 1862 that ‘Here I stood on the brink of the Nile … and nothing could surpass it.’ 153 years have then followed and the river is still steadily flowing becoming the mecca for white water adventure enthusiasts across the world. The River Nile acts as a classic pool-drop river with deep clam pools that are interspersed between the exciting and powerful rapids and a range of different channels.

There are a range of rafting companies that operate along the Nile offering the White water rafting adventure including Adrift, Nalubale rafting, Nile Explorer and white Nile rafting. They possess skilled staff that has go in-depth knowledge about the rafting adventure in Jinja

The White Water rafting range from 1 day to 2 days and three days encounter. The provision for halfway and full day white water rafting is the most popular of this adventure activity in Jinja.

The whole encounter commences with the candidates joining their paddle-rafts in company of professional guides who captains the whole crew. The instructions are clearly given to the Paddlers regarding the conduct while on the activity, how to best enjoy the water thrill, safety procedures and use of safety kayaks accompanying the raft trip on the water full of world class paddlers that are highly trained who pilot their minor boats through the mountainous waves of each rapid at head of each raft. When the rafts flip upside down or the rafters are washed overboard, the safety kayakers are nearby to offer assistance in getting people back to their boats.

Dress code for White water rafting

  • A t-shirt or a short sleeved top to protect your shoulders from the sun.
  • Quick dry board shorts or a swimsuit. Though longer shorts offer better sun protection for the thighs, draw strings are preferable. Long trousers can become water logged and even a liability assuming you swim off the raft. Loose – fitting shorts should be avoided as you risk giving fellow rafters an expose.
  • High factor sun screen protection should be in plenty. Desist from wearing it on your fore head as it will be washed into the eyes and cause irritation.
  • Consider to raft while bare footed. Because the shoes get wet and you might end up losing them to the lake. May be if you have sandals with secure buckles.
  • Carry along a towel and changing clothes for the end of the raft experience as all clothes which you go with to raft must come back wet.
  • Desist from carrying cameras, jewelry, watches or other valuable items that you wouldn’t like to lose.


Rafting Companies like Adrift provide the following items;

  • A helmet that will protect your head from other people pretending to paddle well in the rapids.
  • A lifejacket which brings you surface and allows you have a safe swim through the rapids that you intend to raft.
  • Paddles for the rafters that opt for the popular paddle raft option.
  • A communal water-tight case where you can carry sun-cream and medical essentials like asthma inhalers, Cigarettes among others on the raft.
  • International team of guides, rafts, safety kayakers, first-aid supplies and paddle jackets for inclement weather.

Rapid Grading

The International Scale of River Difficulty is used as a standard scale to rate the safety of the river stretch or an individual rapid. The grade simply demonstrates the technical difficulty and the skill level that is required for one to encounter that very river section.

The Rapid grading / Classification take on six levels and each is referred to as a Grade, Class and a number. For instance there can be hard grade twos, easy grade threes among others. The River grade may definitely change with the level of flow and usually a river or a rapid will be accorded a numerical grade and then followed by a plus (+) or minus (-) showing whether it falls in the higher or the lower end of the difficulty level. However also to note is that despite the river section getting overall grading, it may still contain sections above or below that grade.

Specific details can be seen below;

Class I – Easy

Here, a traveller can sit back in a relaxed mood and go with the flow. The waves are small, passages are clear and there are not serious obstacles.

Class II - Medium

This is a transition from the Class I. Class II involves practicing for big ones and rapids are moderately difficult while passages are clear.

Class III - Difficult

The Class III rapids have numerous waves which are high and irregular along with eddies, rocks with clear narrow passages.

Class IV - Very Difficult

These rapids like the former submerged Bujagali are long and waves are high, irregular along with dangerous rocks, boiling eddies while precise and powerful maneuvering is required. This class requires an expert boat man, excellent boat and equipment should be of better quality.

Class V - Extreme Difficult

These are long and violent following one another almost without a break with the river bed highly obstructed characterized by big drops, violent current and a great steep gradient.

Class VI – Unraftable

This class is extremely dangerous and is suitable for rafting. An example of this is Murchison Falls which is also the powerful waterfall in the whole world.


Jinja the adventure town of Uganda indeed conforms to this dub. The Quad biking experience is one of the thrilling adventures that you can have along the mystical waters of the Nile. There are various companies that offer this adventure activity and All Terrain Adventures is one of them. The quad biking activity is conducted along the tracks and trails on the eastern bank of the Nile connecting to the adjacent small villages and farms stretching along the downstream to Bujagali.


The Quad biking encounters can be done at any time of the day starting at 8:30am up to 5pm in the evening with no minimum number of participants required. Even 1 person can undertake the activity and these safaris do not exceed 7pm except for Twilight safaris.

The quad biking safaris are designed according to the rider’s abilities a d they differ from each other. They range from scenic rides to rather difficult and to challenging sections including anything in between. The all ages are provided for including Kids, Experts and Grandmas Chariots.

The activity involves a free training and session for practice before setting off for the real ride. There are three circuits that are used to equip you with the basics. The safari at times is not started until the rider has successfully completed the three circuits. It is up to the discretion of the riders to take up challenging rides or simple scenic ride.

The semi-automatic and automatic Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha quad bikes from 80cc to 450cc are available in well maintained with well-trained guides that stay in the nearby families.

Quad Biking categories:

These are designed for children aged 7 – 12 years. The Kids quad on supervised circuits with a guide accompanying them all the time. The older children always go for 1 – 2 hour safaris and for the children who are still too young for themselves have got the option of riding with the guides or with a family member.

For All Terrain Adventure the Kids quad is $10 or $15

River Ride Safari

This involves a practice session and then followed by 1 hour safari. The encounter stretches to near the source of the Nile if there is limited time or young ones on the safari. The encounter goes for all ages.

For all Terrain Adventure the River Ride Safari $49.

Explorer ATV Safari

After the training session, this encounter takes about 2 hours. This is among the popular quad bike safaris offered at the site. The riders can opt for easy or more technical trail sections. The trail follows the river downstream to close to Bujagali dam passing through farmlands and rural forests of Uganda.

For All terrain Adventures the Explorer Safari goes for $79

Twilight Safari

The twilight safari is conducted late in the evening at around 4:30pm and come to an end at around 8:30pm. The ride takes you along the eastern bank of the Nile watching the sun set on the mystical Nile. Sometimes there is dinner prepared by the local family in the local community around.

Over lander Safari

After training and practice, there is a 3 hour ride and when the time is available you can go ahead faster and harder generating a challenging experience. The first hour of the encounter increases your confidence and prepares you for the challenging encounter ahead.

For All terrain Adventures the Overland Safari goes for $99

Trailblazer Safari

This starts like training and practice just like others and then followed with 4 hours of riding safari. The ride is along the trails in the Kyabirwa village downstream along the mystical Nile. The trip is long thus offering you an opportunity to visit the rarely encountered places.

For all terrain Adventures the Trailblazer Safari $119

Full Day Safari

The full day safari takes a full day encounter and the trails are best designed to offer ultimate experiences. The safari resents impressive photographic experiences in the rural landscapes of Uganda, along technical sections, views of the Nile River and extending to inner parts of the country side on your quad bikes.

For All terrain Adventures the Full-Day Safari goes for $195

Two Day Safari

The two days quad biking safari involves riding along the Nile and spending an overnight at Hairy Lemon Island. This safari encounter requires a considerable fitness level as some of the tracks might be quite challenging. For experienced riders, more difficult options are also challenging. For all terrain Adventures minimum numbers might be required and at least one week advance booking.


This is a white water sport that takes place mainly on rivers with falls and rapids and at Kalagala, you can’t just miss this out this sport, people seat in sharp pointed small boats then sail on these rapids, if you’re not participating, viewing them is also among the wonderful experiences. However this sport is only available to those that have trained and have got the required skills

The Jinja is not very complete with put the Nile River and the best way to experience this River is on the water its self. The Kayaking experience takes you away from engines and noise and wit the use of human power, you experience the beauty and the thrill of the Nile River.


The grade five tandem Kayaking takes you to the hardest rapids having one of the challenging encounters in a single day. It can attempted by everyone whether with little or no experience Sitting in front of double seat kayaks provides you the power to maneuver through the waves. The guide in the back seat instructs you on when to invest more energy and steering to take you selves safely down the rapids.

Experiencing gigantic wave chains, crashing white water and strong hydraulics is a moment that you and the guide have to join together to overcome successfully. Ending on the wrong side of the crashing wave and getting flipped by the water is not the time for the bath. Not like rafting where one ends up in swimming on the rapids on his own after being flipped from the raft, the Kayak is fine in that if you can contain your breath for 3 – 5 seconds, the guide will definitely attempt to roll you back into right action.

The every rapid is followed by a mass of calm water which gives you a chance for the adrenaline to settle as you prepare for another hit. The calm water also offers a relaxed environment where you go to the rafts, regroup and share courageous stories with the entire fraternity. The relaxing moment also allows you to top up your sun screens.

The rapids on the Nile River are magnificent however the prominent ones include the Nile Special and the Bad Place. The Bad place is one of the single biggest features that would definitely take your boat through. Running right, left or straight amidst the monstrous hole, it is something that puts your heart in a pumping mode.

The Nile Special which is the second prominent rapid is not a disappointment to encounter. It contains the Club wave and the Bell’s hole above not forgetting the Nile Special wave of which the rapid is named after. The Nile Special encounter still fresh in your mind, you mark the day end downstream coming across an open well stocked bar with cold drinks and delicious buffet awaiting to welcome you from the life time adventure.

For Kayak the Nile Ltd the Tandem goes for 140 USD per person

The flat water Kayaking involves cruising to the source of the world’s longest river – the Nile preferably with a drink in your hand listening to the history of the Nile and its importance to the world. The birds in the shores and impressive calm waters offer ultimate memories for your kayak to the source of the Nile.

On this section of the River there are no crocodiles or Hippopotamus but the counts of fish eagles, cormorants, kingfishers, and storks not forgetting weaver birds can never allow you to cruise alone.

Exploring the symbolic location that was sought for dating back to the ancient Roman times and though its European discovery attempt was made in 1858, the source of the Nile is still a site of wonder even in the contemporary world. The River supports counts of fishermen and around160 million people are estimated to be living along its banks.

The Kayak to the source goes beyond the birds and the fishermen as there other features worth exploring. The Gandhi monument, the famous fig tree standing above the submerged Owen falls and the opening to entire water mass of the gigantic Lake Victoria is by no means an ordinary experience. The encounter tend to start at lakeside Jinja Sailing Club impressive for taking a cup of coffee before the trip and a cake and ends at the Bourbon Bar and Grill.

The white water Kayaking can be done on three forms namely; the introduction to white water kayaking, multi days white water kayaking, half day kayaking, free style coaching and Stand up paddle boarding.

Introduction to white water Kayaking:

The one day introductory encounter on the Nile will definitely reward you with remarkable memories. The day is well structured to enable you learn the skills as they are being imparted by the skilled guides.

The encounter has two sessions namely the calm water introduction and the afternoon river trip. The experience involves learning about the boat control, getting out of the boat if need be along basic techniques and strokes. The provision to extend to hard areas is also there and learning all that you can is up to your discretion.

Multi day kayaking course

The Multi-day Kayaking encounter depends on the amount of time available at your disposal. A weekend break or an entire five day break can be a fun filled learning experience. This provides for an extensive training experience.

Half Day Whitewater Kayaking

The half day encounter takes you for a 7km river trip in a rewarding Kayak experience along with expert guidance. For the first time kayakers, you team up with the guide on the friendly sit on top kayak and they are safer as it is easier to get back them once one falls off.

Rolling Clinics

The rolling clinic is a unique way to unlock the potential of white water kayaking. The rolling step generates a memorable experience that is most of the times ignored by other adventure undertakers on Uganda safaris.

rolling clinic

They tend to take 2 hour session and there are two approaches that can be considered when learning to roll. There is slow and steady or fast and hope. The latter mode offers rushed process of learning and though it proves to be less effective it is always taught to friends and it produces similar results. The slow and steady roll takes about 2 hours and it unlocks the rollers confidence enhancing his/her ability to experiment and then explore the water in detail.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The Standup Paddle boarding is defined by steady nature, great posture and skill. The start is all about the sense of humor and appreciation plus willingness to take up an adventure is what matters. The paddle on the fast flowing waters of the Nile is very rewarding and worth exploring while on safari in Uganda and particularly in the adventure capital of Uganda – Jinja.


The bungee jumping is one of the great adventure activities that you can have while in Uganda and Jinja in particular. Jumping from a 12m steel structure on top of a 32m cliff above the Mystical Nile is by no means ordinary. The well-built bungee jump which is constructed and operated to the standards of New Zealand is a confident place to start your jump. The minimum age for this encounter is 13 years.

bungee jinja

Slowing down the cliff with the waters of the Nile getting closer just to find that you have already touched the Nile before the latex pulls you back to the stand is an impressive encounter that you can ever have in Uganda and Jinja in particular.

Sitting comfortably in the King’s Chair of Congolese origin, soft cotton is wrapped around the ankles before tying latex to hold you during the jump.

The impressive views of the Nile River which is also world’s longest river takes you through dozens of heavily forested islands marked by flocks of the famous long tailed cormorants taking a swim in the currents below and crowds of onlookers standing from the nearby bar combine to make the experience memorable.

The high jump which is 44m above the thrilling waters of the Victoria Nile is one of the long adventure endeavors that you can have while your life is on mercy of some other person. The 235kgs can be taken at once.

Regarding safety, the Adventure companies in Jinja such as Adrift have got expertise and extended experience of handling the activity. Thus safety considerations are nothing to worry of. The Nile High Bungee tower is operating at the similar standards as set by the law in New Zealand standard code of practice of bungee jumping since the activity originated from there. The construction advice was sought from adventure companies from New Zealand. There is bi-annual evaluation of standards is always conducted.

Each item of operational equipment has to undergo extensive testing and then assign the respective life span calculated as the expected time duration or the amount of use that equipment can withstand before the degradation of its performances i.e. the point where it is only three times stronger than the expected safety load. The recording is done by staff for its use and then compared to the recommended instances and times.

The Nile High Bungee cords are formed of pure white latex rubber of highest quality and used by the excellent underwear manufacturers on global scale. During the jump, the cords stretch about four times its resting length and then slowly rest the adventurer at the bottom of the cliff.

Does it involve touching the water?

Touching the water optional thuds you can choose to do it or stop closer to it. But it is indeed remarkable to touch the mystical waters of the Nile from the 44m jump.



Jinja also offers horseback safari adventures riding through typical Uganda landscapes, villages and along the banks of the mighty Nile River. The horseback rides range from the overnight rides to multiday rides including pony rides. Join us for a unique ride through a typical Ugandan.


The Nile horseback safaris have the capacity to handle both experienced and inexperienced horseback riders. The riding groups reach some point where they separate temporarily offering the experienced rides to have a blast while also allowing the inexperienced riders to enjoy the ride at their own pace.

The horseback safari adventure can run for 1 hour, 1 ½ hours, 2 hours and 3 hours for the entire week commencing at 10:00am and 2pm daily. Advance booking is required in order to catch up with the limited horses and guides.

The overnight and multiday horse riding encounters operate on demand and a minimum of two people is required for the safari to run. The invention of sun set ride going for 90mins operate on Fridays and Saturdays commencing at 4pm and include a boat ride from either Nile River Explorers or Adrift, wine, beer and sodas.

The horseback encounter can also be done by someone with minimal or experience in horseback riding. The horses are well trained and thus understand what is required of them. Basic training is offered on how to control the horse.

Pony Rides

The Pony rides take about 30 minutes for the kids of 3 – 10 years of age. This option enables Kids who have never had a horse riding experience or have fear for them to enjoy the ride along the Nile. The children ride along with the experienced guides. The activities run between 9am and 11am and 2:30pm and 4 pm subject to ponies availability.

1 Hour Horse Rides

These are designed for Kids aged 6 years. The kids are led by a guide but for the kids can ride; they can have an encounter with the respective ponies suitable to them as they control themselves.


The wild Nile jet races up at wild speed powered by 450HP of motor. The encounter takes you through the magical offerings of the Nile as the expert pilot interprets one by one while you seat quietly and comfortably in the wild jet. The encounter cans tale people of 5 – 85 years. The encounter includes the high-flotation life jackets; New Zealand made 12-seater jet boat and spray jackets.

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