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jinja townProspects for Jinja town objective as a city

jinja townThese towns have been marked by the rise in investment, in hospitality facilities like hotels, restaurants, resorts, cafes and entertainment places. Such investments have provided employment, improved on Jinja’s economy and led to the growth of the town. Additionally, Jinja still has a lot of untapped tourism potential which is yet to be tapped in by investors.

  • The Kampala – Jinja Expressway yet to be constructed and the Jinja source of the Nile bridge will greatly boost the transport between the Uganda’s capital city Kampala and major economic hub and Jinja city. Most investors perceive Jinja as being far from the Uganda’s main market of Kampala and prefer to build closer to it to cut on transport costs and time. However, with the completion of the expressway and the bridge, transport will be much faster and more efficient, such that businesses will not fear setting up shop in Jinja because of the distance in between it and Kampala city.
  • Jinja’s natural economic growth, which has stepped up in the last ten years or so will inevitably see it gain city status. The number of industries in Jinja is over 70 with more on the way, making it only second to Kampala City. The city center has seen a marked increase in construction of commercial and business structures including the Jinja Central Market and a number of plazas along major streets, including an 8 story tower on Main Street called the Igar Plaza. Industries have attracted economic migrants into the city. In additional services like schools, hospitals, hotels etc. have followed them
  • Kenyan high end coffee Café chain Java House made its entry into the budding Jinja market, promising to bring a flurry of other like restaurant chains and investments, kin on tapping into the growing middle class of Jinja and the high number of tourists and travelers that make stopovers in the town. High end chain restaurant is a mark of growth and prosperity for any town in which they are located.
  • The USMID project, a World Bank funded projected will see Jinja’s major roads rehabilitated to modern standards. Currently, Nalufenya Road, the main road entering Jinja from Kampala has been resurfaced and completed with street lighting and pedestrian pathways. Main Street, Eng Zikusooka Road and Busoga Avenue are lined up for rehabilitation in Phase 2 of the USMID project. Improvement of the road network in Jinja will greatly improve transport within and without and also advance its prospects for city status
  • jinja townJinja’s booming tourism market has seen a substantial increase in hotel facilities in the town, making it the town with the highest number of hotels after Kampala and Entebbe (Wakiso). This has also made accommodation in Jinja source of the Nile for travelers on a visit Uganda or on a Jinja city tour Some of the recent entrants include Signature Apartments, Nile Village Resort, Speke Courts Hotel, Jinja City hotel, Source of the Nile Hotel, among others.
  • Jinja Municipality has six Universities and several higher institutions of learning. Universities and higher institutions of learning have a pulling factor for the general public and services which are vital for growth of a city. The universities include Makerere- Jinja Campus, MUBS-Jinja Campus, Kampala University –Jinja Campus, Busoga University – Jinja Campus, Nsaka University, and Fairland University. IUIU and UTMU are set to set up campuses in Jinja. Institutes include, International Institute of Health Sciences, Nile Vocational Institute, Jinja Vocational Institute, Jinja School of Nursing and Midwifery, Uganda Civil Service College, Senior & Junior Staff Command College-Military, among others
  • A number of quality and international schools have recently set up shop in Jinja, promising to improve the educational standards of Jinja both in academics and physical standards. These include Horizon College, Viva College, and Rainbow Academy among others.
  • The admission of KYM Nile Hospital, Al Shafa Hospital, International Medical Center, Whisper Children’s Hospital, and Almecca Medical Center is set to greatly boost access and quality of health facilities and services in Jinja, which in turn is a prerequisite for a good city.
  • Egyptian investors are also in talks to build a ship building and repair yard at Masese.
  • Africa’s richest man, the Nigerian, Aliko Dangote is set to build a multibillion cement factory in Jinja. Tororo, Kasese and Mombasa are living testimonies of the transformation these factories can bring, due their capital intensive nature that automatically changes the economy of the place they are located in.

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Remarkable future prospects of Jinja town as a city – Uganda safari News
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