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Many Africa safari trekkers have majorly categorized Uganda as a destination that’s best suitable for Africa wildlife safaris especially Africa gorilla safaris  given the fact that Uganda is home to these elusive giants in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. However its always I am here to present to you a side of Uganda you may have never thought about and that’s the Uganda that gives you thrills given the extreme sport activities that will send chills running down your spine if you get to engage in them.

Now in order for you to experience these kinds of experience you need to make a short Uganda safari to the adrenal capital of Uganda Jinja.

Why Jinja?

Jinja is home to the source of the longest river on the planet river Nile and this gives you an opportunity to indulge in a wide number of blood boiling activities and today and I will take you through some of these activities

ATV Quad biking.

Quad biking comesFor extreme sport lovers, Jinja never falls short of your demands with a wide range of extreme activities for you and that’s where the  ATV quad biking comes in, this is operated by All Terrain Adventures and this activity comes in 1-4 hour quad biking safaris that will take you through villages with warm-hearted and smiley Ugandan people majorly the Basoga who are predominant in this region, through plantation of sugarcane along dirt roads with mud pods that make it all the more interesting to ride on. The riders need no prior experience to ride the quads but will only have a 30-minute training prior to the beginning of the safari, and to ride the big quad bikes, one should be aged 7years.

Quad biking at Jinja source of the Nile
Quad biking at Jinja source of the Nile

White water rafting and kayaking.

White water rafting kicks off our top extreme sport activities on a Jinja source of the Nile tour. this is simply because if you’re an extreme water sports lover, Jinja is the best place to be in the entire East Africa region for you to come to experience the thrills of rafting . when you make a Uganda tour to Jinja for white water rafting expect to come face to face with all the 6 grades of water rapids that will get your senses aroused with excitement as you take to the water and wrestle these gigantic water rapids for sheer excitement and thrill. White water rafting and kayaking is done at Itanda falls on river Nile.

rafting jinja source of the nile
rafting Jinja source of the Nile

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is yet another prime example of extreme water sport treatment from the source to you, This bungee jump is operated by Adrift Uganda and its located at the adrift river base which lies 3km upstream of bujagali fall and the rump was constructed to the highest New Zealand standards. This is a sport not for the faint-hearted as it requires to take a leap of faith into the Nile river from over 10m above.  This activity requires a minimum age of 13 years and advance booking is required.


With the presence of Lake Victoria, there is abundant supply of many fish species such as the Nile perch tilapia, catfish and many others and for angler enthusiasts, it can never get better than this on this Uganda safari to Jinja, this, therefore, makes it a prime spot for anglers to come and indulge in their favourite hobby. Sportfishing is organized by Jinja fishing safaris beginning from Nile river camp and is done under early morning excursion, evening excursion and full-day excursion and on all these excursion tilapia, Nile perch, yellowfish and catfish species are targeted using trawling, spinning and bait fishing techniques. Nile fishing safaris follows a catch release policy only retaining fish that are likely not to recover after being landed and provide all fishing gear, camping equipment, safety gear and drinking water. Fishing safaris costs 80$ per person on a half-day trip and 150$ for a full day trip with a minimum of 4 persons and children ½ price, there is no minimum age requirement if a child is accompanied by an adult.

Mountain biking.

This takes on a wild ride while on your jinja day trip through villages along the Nile river with the warm hearted and beautiful Ugandan people of the Basoga tribe and the Bujagali falls up to the Bugembe view point with panoramic views of the Jinja town and Lake Victoria at large. The mountain biking activity is carried out by explorers mountain biking safaris that’s based explorers backpackers in Jinja and the rides take between 1and1/2 – 2 hours riding in this paradise. The cost for this activity ranges from 30$ per person to 75$ per person for a Mabira hardcore ride with a minimum of 4 people and requires a minimum of 10 years of age with some biking experience.

Zip lining.

For all of you who would like to make a joy ride mid air with the help of a safety rope a jinja day trip to Mabira forest comes in handy as it has got all you need in a bewildering experience. The lines were imported in from USA and meet all safety measures required to ensure the safety of tourists who would like to engage in this activity. The operators have also been trained in proper installation of these ropes safely for maximum safety.

With the above-mentioned activities, you might need to have an overnight in Jinja in order for you to have more time to engage in more of these safari activities in Jinja source of the Nile tour. if you decide to have this overnight stay Jinja has various accommodations in Jinja source of the Nile you can choose from and these include Explorers River Camp, Nile River Camp, Jinja Nile Resort, Samuka Island Retreat, Source of The Smile Hotel and Guesthouse.

So with all these activities surely you can see that no matter your interests or passion, Uganda has got you covered.

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Jinja Uganda’s Capital of Extreme Sports – Uganda Safari News
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