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Be The First To Know- The Untold Story Of Jinja City 

White water Rafting at Jinja source of the Nile
White water Rafting at Jinja source of the Nile

Have you been to Jinja city before? Jinja is the extreme sport tourist attraction site in Uganda given its numerous extreme sport tourist activities that take place in areas around this town. When you make a 1 day Jinja tour in Uganda or Jinja source of the Nile tours some of the various attractions in Jinja source of the Nile you will encounter include the source of the Nile, Itanda falls, birds, Lake Victoria. All these attractions give you an opportunity to engage in a multitude of safari activities in Jinja source of the Nile such as bungee jumping, white water rafting, horse riding, quad biking and kayaking and zip lining in the forests of Mabira.

Besides knowing Jinja as a tourist attraction site that gives you an opportunity to engage you in your favourite extreme adventure safari activity, do you know its history? Well, today I am here to give you a sneak peek into the history of this glorious town.

The birth of Jinja town

Jinja town was developed and designed by the colonial government of the British in Uganda in 1948 by a German architect called Ernst May. Architect May designed what he referred to as “neighbourhood units” and these were estates that were built for the ruling elites in many parts outside Jinja town and this saw the displacement of 1000 residents in the 1950s to construct these housing estates. In 1954 Jinja experienced the construction of Owen falls or Nalubaale dam that led to the submergence of the Rippon falls that john Speke had seen on his inaugural visit to the pearl of Africa in the late 1850s which made him become the first European to set his eyes on this beautiful art piece of natural wonder designed by mother nature herself.

What is in Jinja town besides being a tourism epicentre?

Jinja town was designed to be an industrial hub with many industries that had their base around this town because of its geographical and location and resource advantage it had over other cities. Jinja had an abundant source of water in Lake Victoria and cheap labour with a population of about 71213 people according to the population census results of 2002 and by 2011 Uganda Bureau Of Statistics estimated its population had grown to 89700 people. Many industries were constructed within or near Jinja town to the advantage of both human and other capital resources that are available in Jinja like the Nile breweries limited, Nyanza textile industries, Kakira sugar works. Jinja experienced slow and almost retarded growth especially during the political uncertainty the country underwent between the 1960s and late 1980s with many of its industries businesses closing shop as a result of these uncertainties especially during the Asian repulsion of 1972 by the late Idi Amin but not all hope is lost for Jinja town as by the beginning of the 21st century, the town fortunes turned as new businesses slowly started moving back to Jinja hence putting back on a path to development once again.

Where to stay in Jinja?

If you decide to have an overnight stay in Jinja, the town has various accommodations in Jinja source of the Nile you can choose from and these include Explorers River Camp, Nile River Camp, Jinja Nile Resort, Samuka Island Retreat, Source of The Smile Hotel and Guesthouse.

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Be The First To Know- The Untold Story Of Jinja City- Uganda Safari News
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