Attractions in Jinja Source of the Nile-Uganda safari news

The beauty within East Africa’s Adrenalin capital

Dubbed the Adrenalin capital of East Africa, Jinja is host to the source of the re-known source of the world’s longest river-River Nile. Located at the northern end of Lake Victoria in South Eastern Uganda, this is one of the popular adventure sports with safaris here commonly known as Jinja source of the Nile tours. At an altitude of 3,750 feet (1100 meters) above sea level, Jinja lies just north of the Equator. The formerly industrial capital of Uganda enjoys a very pleasant climate with temperatures ranging from 63 to 82 degrees F favorable for tourists undertaking the attractions in Jinja source of the Nile.

Driving from Uganda’s capital, this is surely one of the close adventure destinations outside the capital on just about a 2 hours’ drive. Going past the tropical mabira forest, tea and sugar plantations you take a very scenic drive finally getting to the town after crossing the newly stayed bridge-one of the best in East Africa. Approaching the town, the most significant feature definitely is Jinja town just at the banks of the calm flowing river.

Attractions in Jinja Source of the Nile

Jinja town: Every single town in Uganda is unique in its way because of the different people who stay in it and so is Jinja town. Formerly the industrial capital of Uganda, the town is signified by large houses with big yards with quiet, tree lined streets giving ambience to the laid-back town. The architecture is composed of the old Indian designs, African and European designs some left as abandoned factories and some under use. Rather than the messy jam in Kampala, rush hours in Jinja are not with that much congestion therefore easy to get around. In Jinja town, you can go cycling to the streets.

Quad biking at Jinja source of the Nile

Quad biking: Quad biking is one of the thrilling adventures conducted along the tracks and trails on the eastern bank of the Nile River connecting to the adjacent small villages and farms stretching along the downstream to Bujagali falls. The activity involves a ride using the well maintained semi-automatic and automatic Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha quad bikes ranging from 80cc to 450cc along with well-trained and experienced guides who live in the nearby villages. On a Uganda safari at Jinja, you go can choose to go for Quad biking at any time of the day starting at 8:30am up to 5:00pm and not beyond 7:00pm unless for the twilight safari. No matter the number of your group you can go for this activity because there’s no minimum number required with free training and practice ride before the actual ride.

White water Rafting at Jinja source of the Nile

White water rafting:  For adventure travelers, white water rafting is the definite safari activity here. White water rafting is an adrenalin raising activity as you get into the rapids of the Nile for about three hours. Jinja source of the Nile has different classes of white water rafting depending on how much a tourist is willing to raise their adrenaline. It ranges from a two days experience to a few hours raft including Grade 5 Two Day Rafting, Grade 5 Full day rafting in Jinja source of the Nile, Grade 5 Extreme rafting, Grade 3 Full Day Rafting and the Raft River Board.

Horse back riding: When you safari Uganda and want to refresh on the shores of the world’s longest river then you can go horse back riding. Taking the horseback ride at sunset is the best option as you relax. This is a family activity and therefore even children can go horse riding with their parents.

Birding: Along the banks of the Nile, you can go for bird seeing. Being a great adventure destination therefore Jinja doesn’t deprive of the Uganda birding safari tourists the chance to sight what they love during their tours. The prominent bird species here include the Purple Swamphen, White-spotted Flufftail, Great Blue Turaco, White-crested Turaco, Bruce’s Green Pigeon, Western Banded Snake Eagle, African Grey Parrot and many more.

Whether it’s a 1-day Jinja Source of the Nile tour or a 2-3 days tour don’t miss out on these amazing activities in Jinja.






Attractions in Jinja Source of the Nile-Uganda safari news
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