Rafting gone wild 2018- Lets raft for a good cause

Rafting gone wild is something that you probably hadn’t yet planned to do at the Nile river. Rafting gone wild is happening on 15th November 2018 organized by Nile River Explorers at Jinja source of the Nile. The Ministry of Energy announced in October 2018 that 15th November 2018 is the official inundation (intentionally flooding) of the Isimba Dam Hydroelectric Power station which will submerge some of the lower rapids of the Nile. The rapids that will be submerged include the Malalu, Mu2, Nile Special, Kula shaker, Hair of the Dog and the hairy lemon island will be lost completely.

Rafting gone wild

However, the Nile will still offer world class white water rafting experiences for those on Jinja source of the Nile tours especially 1 days Jinja source of the Nile tours in some sections of the Nile even after the completion of the Isimba Dam. For white water raft lovers, Rafting gone wild offers an opportunity for you to raft on the rapids before they are submerged and this is for a good cause. The proceeds from the raft experience will go to wildlife conservation in Uganda specifically Uganda Conservation Foundation, Rhino Fund Uganda and Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

These are some of the best destinations for Uganda wildlife safari tourists. Rhino Fund Uganda is a Non-Governmental Organization that conserves the only wild rhinos in Uganda and Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary conserves rescued chimpanzees. Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is a popular stop for tourists on wildlife safaris in Uganda to Murchison Falls national park because it’s the only way you can see all the big five wild animals with the big four (Buffaloes, Lions, Leopards, Elephants) at Murchison falls. On a 1 day Ngamba island tour, you are able to cruise on lake Victoria, cross the equator and spend a day with man’s closest relatives.

Come enjoy some of your favorite rapids this November before they completely get submerged and conserve nature at the same time.



Rafting gone wild 2018- Lets raft for a good cause
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